Awaken to Your Souls

Highest Purpose 

Utilizing a Gentle, Ancient Breathwork Technique



Liberate Your Soul and Amplify Your Life with an Ancient Kriya Breathwork Technique










Ride the 6th Method of Awakening

On the Wind of the Nerves

As Michael Brian Baker and ShannonRae facilitate an INSPIRING Evening...

Live music, deep awakening breathwork, massive production, a tribe of humans who are awake, full of love, and dedicated to optimizing their lives and liberating their souls!!



Optimize Performance

Reduce Stress

Enhance Sleep

Increase Focus

Reset Your Nervous System

Liberate Your Soul


"I am not the woman who walked into this event. For the first time since the car accident, I feel like my old self. This breath-work healing not only activated my kundalini but it also heals the nervous system which I’ve been in desperate need of."

Trisha, TX

Experience the Magic of Breath

Drop into deep relaxation, access your body's natural DMT, and reset your entire nervous system so that you can step in the rest of your life liberated!

"My body released purrs and shockwaves. Few places & spaces can create this type of ecstatic self engagement. I left different than I entered, profoundly peaceful and relaxed. I look forward to this type of breathwork again so I can slow down and have my nerves feel grounded like this more often."

Lisa Matter Wainscott, NV

Feel the Power of a Large, Unified, and Conscious Tribe

Tap into your highest potential in a massive room full of high vibrational souls, and step into the best version of YOU.

"I laughed aloud as my spirit soared!

Clear white light radiated out of my heart and I remember thinking I have been chosen. I felt so loved and so blessed.

It was the closest to God I've ever felt. I remember thinking that it was the happiest I've ever been. I was overcome with excitement that this feeling would never leave me.”

Valerie Aliwarga, LA

Step into the Portal & Experience a Complete Metamorphosis

In 3 short hours, RELEASE all that keeps you from your most vibrant life. Play, celebrate, and walk into rest of your life full of bliss, abundance, and in direct connection to your sovereign self. 

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Meet Your Guides! 

Michael Brian Baker

For nearly 20 years, Michael has held solid ground at the intersection of modern science and universal wisdom traditions, such as Yogic Pranayama, Western Physiology, South American Entheogens, harmonic frequencies, and sound healing. 

He travels the world conducting multisensory experiences that are truly transformational for mind, body and spirit. Participants experience deep healing, expanded awareness, increased vitality, and a new sense of purpose. In the weeks and months following their life-changing experience, they discover a new and exciting ability to inhabit their right place in the world.

Thousands have called this life-changing work the most profound experience of their lives, likening it to a rebirth, spiritual awakening, peak experience, realization of their true self, or “seeing God.” 

Reports of lasting change and, in many cases, the elimination of stubborn challenges such as addiction, anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, and insomnia are common. 

As the founder and head of The Breath Center, Michael has taught his "Anatomy of Awakening" practitioner training course and certified hundreds of advanced facilitators. He is beloved by retreat participants, conference attendees, and festival goers around the world.

He now heads The Academy of Integrated Human Sciences LLC and is pioneering advancements in software programming which will advance the acceleration of the merging of technology and the expansion of human consciousness.


A breakthrough facilitator for over 30 years, creator of the I AM Powerful program, the Four Principles of Power, and author on several books and programs, ShannonRae helps others produce unprecedented results in their practical everyday lives.  

A driven, passionate, results junkie, and liberated soul herself, ShannonRae gives people the tools they need to liberate their souls and amplify their lives. 

As a behavioral scientist, wisdom keeper, and modern guide, she's traveled all over the world working with and being initiated by elders, priestesses, shamans, and indigenous tribes.  It has afforded her the opportunity to bring ancient technologies into modern business and life.

A rare find, she is both a successful multi-business owner who’s helped scale billions of dollars in 23 different industries, as well as pioneers deep, radical awakenings through pranic and plant based medicine integration. 

As founder of the Power Integration Center ShannonRae has certified thousands of coaches, therapists, leaders, and trainers to be Master Power Centered Practitioners. 

The university-backed research on her work around Power Centered Living has impacted everyone from corporate executives to trauma survivors, from families and couples, to therapists, coaches, and large events with thousands of people.  These evidence-based programs have been proven to create deep, rapid, and lasting change in some of the toughest and most pervasive environments. 

The Breath Center

The Breath Center is a highly visible, transformational organization dedicated to the increased, conscious productivity of individuals and top-level professionals through education, facilitation and the practice of “Respiratory Therapies” utilized by some of the worlds most successful and innovative, industry leaders.

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the Power Integration Center

the Power Integration Center is a human and leadership development organization dedication to shifting the nature of power on the planet through Power Centered Living and Leading.  We offer digital courses, books and manuals, seminars, certifications, and private coaching in 9 different industries. 

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